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Your pet’s wellness is our number-one priority! We offer comprehensive hometown medical services for the health and happiness of your loyal companion.

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Full Service Pet Care in Robertsdale, Alabama

Robertsdale Animal Clinic was established to fill a need in the Robertsdale community for high-quality but affordable services for pets. Our philosophy of care is based first and foremost on accurate diagnosis, so that we may use the least invasive methods to fix the problem. We have services ranging from wellness exams to surgery.

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Wellness Exams

A wellness exam is a comprehensive health check-up for your pet by a veterinarian. At Robertsdale Animal Clinic, we believe an annual wellness exam is critical to your pet’s health.


Robertsdale Animal Clinic is committed to relieving disability and pain associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

digital radiography

The advent of digital radiography has allowed veterinarians to reach a diagnosis of greater accuracy in far less time than what was possible with traditional film radiography.

Surgical Laser

Robertsdale Animal Clinic offers laser surgery. Laser surgery offers a new standard in veterinary surgery, reduced bleeding, pain and swelling. 

What Our Clients Are Saying!

Robertsdale Animal Clinic Client
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"These guys are great. My dog gets very stressed at any vets office but she is much more tolerant here. They all care about your pet and they will not break your bank account either."
Robertsdale Animal Clinic Client
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“Best Vet Clinic!! Great doctors and staff! Everyone is exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable.... Nothing negative about this clinic at all! Only kudos! Very happy client!"
Robertsdale Animal Clinic Client
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“Awesome place to bring our German shepherd to. She has back & leg issues & the doc knew right away what it was. We've been giving her the meds & she 100% better! Peace of mind is priceless"

We love to help your pet live a long, healthy and happy life.

Robertsdale Animal Clinic is a newly opened practice headed by a dedicated local veterinarian. Our mission is to provide high-quality medical services to ensure the best health of our community’s animal companions. As pet lovers ourselves, we understand the strength of the bond you have with your pet, and will treat you both with the care, attention and respect you deserve. If your furry friend isn’t feeling well or has sustained an injury, bring them into Robertsdale Animal Clinic to receive a proper diagnosis and effective yet affordable treatment.

Dr. Alan Moore & Veterinary Technician Amy Styron