Drop Off Form

Robertsdale Animal Clinic Drop Off Form

In order to diagnose your pet's condition, your pet may need diagnostic tests, such as x-rays, in-house bloodwork, and other diagnostic tests (outside lab work). Do you authorize tests, if the doctor feels it is needed?
Warning: Even in the most hygienic and well-ventilated facilities, there is the possibility of a pet catching "kennel cough". Kennel cough and other respiratory illnesses can be acquired from your neighbor's dog, a visit to the dog park, groomer, or in other public places where you take your dog. Even a dog vaccinated against kennel cough (Bordetella) can still pick up kennel cough. Much like the common cold, there are several variations of kennel cough, and while some are covered by the vaccine, others are not. Please be aware that kennel cough is a nationwide issue, and though we require all animals in our facility to be vaccinated, there is still a risk your pet may contract kennel cough.

I, the undersigned owner or designated agent, hereby authorize Robertsdale Animal Clinic to treat/hospitalize my pet. I also authorize Robertsdale Animal Clinic to perform the services I requested.