Presurgical Form

Pre-Anesthesia Screening Consent:

Your pet is scheduled for anesthesia/surgery, and although we expect everything to go well, no procedure can be completely guaranteed. Dr. Moore routinely performs a full physical exam on all patients before anesthesia is administered, and he will select the safest form of anesthesia available for the procedure to be performed. However, there are other ways to ensure we reduce the risk factor for your pet.

You wouldn't think of having surgery yourself without pre-laboratory testing to ensure your safety; therefore, we recommend the same for your pet. This test can help us rule out any pre-existing internal problems that may not be evident physically, but could lead to serious complications.

Most of our routine procedures include pre-anesthesia bloodwork, however some do not. The basic fee of $93.50 is an additional charge to cover the cost of the blood profile (CBC and Chem 10). Please indicate your choice by authorizing or declining this test below:

This is a permanent way of identifying your pet when lost or stolen.

Pets Feel Pain Too
Pets can't tell us when they hurt, so it can be difficult to know when they are in pain; however, since the perception of pain is similar for humans and pets, we assume any condition or injury capable of causing pain in humans is also capable of causing pain in pets.

Our practice understands the importance of pain management and offers effective methods to meet your pet's specific needs. Administration of medication can reduce pain and discomfort for your pet and promote a faster recovery. The cost is $30.00 for an injection and/or $15.00 for oral medication you can administer at home.
I hereby authorize Robertsdale Animal Clinic to perform a surgical procedure on my pet.