Drop Offs

At Robertsdale Animal Clinic, we are focused on you and your pet and how we can meet your needs. We see every client as important and every pet as special so we know scheduling an appointment can be difficult with your busy schedule. So we offer a drop off option to make it easier for your pet to be seen.

A drop off appointment is when you leave your pet with us for an unspecified amount of time to be seen when the doctor’s schedule allows. I know that sounds scary to a pet owner and one of the main fears is that your pet will be put in a kennel and forgotten about. At Robertsdale Animal Clinic, that is NEVER the case. We have comfy blankets for our kennels, they get a water bowl and are taken to go potty when needed. The reason behind us accepting drop off appointments is that when our doctor’s schedule fills up and there are no available appointment times left on the same day, our doctor is usually able to fit a few drop off appointments in as his schedule allows.